Air compressors for health and industry

A compressor compresses fluid and especially air at different pressure levels.

Mil’s air compressors or medium-low pressure compressors are perfect for all your industrial and medical needs and applications.
Our air compressors are installed on thousands of sites all over the world in all industrial areas as well as in thousands of hospitals and clinics in the healthcare business.
Our company, the last French manufacturer, offers you different technologies of air compressors. Our medium-low pressure compressors are offered in several technologies : dry claw compressors (SIRELLA), dry pallets compressors (ARICA), dry compressors with side channel blower (KAV), and dry rotary lobes (ROOTS).

Our air compressors are available in two technologies: dry (or oilless) or lubricated.
For each technology, we also offer produce several types of air compressors.
Our dry air compressors can be piston or scroll type.
For lubricated air compressors, we offer either piston compressors or screw compressors.
Each model of air compressor has its own range of accessories.
Our know-how is also to be able to offer you your air compressor(s) integrated in a complete unit to meet your application requirements for compressed air.

The technical air is distributed for non-medical purposes inside the health facility such as laundry, pneumatic doors, sterilizers … but also in all your industrial applications.

Our technical air plants can be equipped with one or two air compressors (7, 8, 10, 11 or 15 bars depending on the choosen technology) with air handling system and control cabinet, with or without tank. Their installation is simplified by its compact design.

The medical air is produced from the ambient air, it is compressed and purified to be distributed in the centralized network which feeds the two pressure levels: a pressure level at 4 bar called “medical air” and a level of pressure at 7 bar says “instrumental air”.
Our medicinal air plants must respect a strict quality level, because the medical air is regulated by the European regulation (pharmacopoeia). These plants comply with ISO 7396-1 version 2016.
They are equipped with either one or two dry scroll air compressors, lubricated piston air compressor(s), or lubricated screw air compressor(s) (10, 11 or 15 bar) with one or more tanks. The air handling line is equipped with a SEC 7HC adsorption dryer. The air compressors are controlled by an electronic controller equipped with a hygrometry sensor.

All our equipments are available in compact version or in cabins that can be installed outside hospitals or clinics.