Medicinal air and technical air

Generating medical air is a part of our know how since 1970. We design our air systems with a compressor, a treatment line and accessories related to medical air.
Eco-designed and offered in compact or modular versions, our air systems exist in several variations. They can be installed inside a technical room or outdoor in a cabin or a container.

Air systems

We find our medical air systems in the HOSPITAIR range with oil less or lubricated technologies.
The HOSPITAIR HYPERBARE, specific hyperbaric systems enable to supply our on-site production offer.
The AIRMIL’S range make it possible to provide installations in technical air for the appendice needs in a hospital.
We recall the ISO 7396-1 standard requires the separation of networks, of medical air and technical air. This standard recommends the use of oil less compressors.
The company is also certified ISO 13485, 9001, 14001.


Filtrations, air treatment lines and pressure release lines are essential elements in the composition of a medical air systems to respect the requirements of the European pharmacopeia.
Control and regulation can be managed by our different programming PLC as the PROCOM with touch screen who can ensure a remote monitoring of the installation with our VIGIFLUID module.
We have too complementary accessories to improve your installation.

Requirements recall of pharmacopeia for air

  • H2O : 67 ppm
  • CO : 5 ppm
  • CO2 : 500 ppm
  • SO2 : 1 ppm
  • NO – NO2 : 2 ppm
  • Oil : 0,1 mg/m3
  • Oxygen : 20,4% ≤ O2 ≤ 21,4%

An analysis of air quality by an independent organism is possible at MIL’S, before the material shipment.

Note : it’s not allowed to use a frigorific dryer to produce medical air.