Production on site

With our strong experience acquired since 1970 in the production of adsorption air dryers, MIL’S has developed a complete system, from the compressed air plant until the generator following the PSA process and many other essentials accessories.
Our PRO2XY medical oxygen generators with the PSA technology allows the on-site oxygen production in line with the OXYGEN 93 pharmacopeia. Our production systems generate a pressure at 5 bar for single stage network or 12 bar for a double stage network.

Dependability installation of oxygen generators

Our generators provide an oxygen purity of 95% ± 1%.
The last born of the oxygen range is the VPSA technology which benefits a completely oil less and brings an unparalleled energetic gain.
To ensure the sites are completely autonomous, we propose a cylinder filling system of high pressure for a safety utilization, configured in ramp or rack, with the vacuum cleaning process.
Like all other products, our oxygen generators have the CE class IIB mark and meet the ISO 7306-1 standard version 2016, the European pharmacopeia OXYGEN 93 and the NF S95-175. The company is also certified ISO 13485, 9001, 14001.
Our equipment are available in compact version and in cabin version or container for the outdoor installation.

Requirements recall of pharmacopeia for oxygen

  • nominal concentration on oxygen 93% ± 3% V/V
  • carbon monoxide concentration ≤ 5 ml/m3
  • carbon dioxide concentration ≤ 300 ml/m3
  • oil concentration ≤ 0,1 mg/m3
  • water vapor concentration ≤ 67 ml/m3
  • nitrous gases concentration NO/NO2 ≤ 2 ml/m3
  • sulfur dioxide concentration SO2 ≤ 1 ml/m3