First systems

MIL’S operate in the healthcare sector since 1970, when the first air system and vacuum system were built. This centralized installation was dedicated to feeding a hospital.

A large range of products

MIL’S offer you many systems from air and vacuum systems, to oxygen generators, all of our equipment are available in compact version, in cabins or in containers.
The ISO 7396-1 standard version 2016, is the global reference for all medical gases. Our equipment follow the HTM 02-01 standard, which is not harmonized, that’s complete our certifications panel. The last standard used in North and South America is the NFPA 99.

Medical systems are manufactured by the company MIL’S whose the conformity assessment was carried out by the notified bodies LNE GMED (0459) and APAVE (0060) to the applicable directves. When equipment are connected to the medical fluid supply network, it produces oxygen (Oxygen 93), medical air (medical air quality) or vacuum.