Air treatment system

Air treatment system

MIL’S,  French manufacturer since 1926, has been present in the health sector since 1970, when the first air plant and the first vacuum plant were manufactured. This centralized facility was intended to supply a hospital facility.

The air treatment system is an essential element of medical air plants: it ensures the drying and purification of the compressed air produced, in order to provide medical facilities with medical air according to the monograph “Air medicinal “published in the European Pharmacopoeia. The air treatment system allows you to dry compressed air and provide clean, dry, oil and carbon monoxide free air.

The dew point of the air handling system reaches a maximum of -70 ° C in expanded air, which allows a very high quality of air.

The air handling systems are equipped with SEC7 HC adsorption dryer and are available for our different air units whether they consist of reciprocating compressors or scroll compressors with a maximum pressure of 16 bar.

Air handling systems are assembled with consumable tube dryers with simple and easy installation and maintenance.

Different configurations are possible for our air handling systems: with electrocooler or cyclone filter, vertical or floor version.

A wide range of accessories makes it possible to complete your air treatment system such as HYGROMIL’S 2000, which thanks to its display allows you to control the hygrometry of your installation with a 4 / 20mA output and a digital contact and the BEKO12, electronic purge with alarm contact under filter (230 mono).

Different types of filters:

  • CY: Cyclonic filtration
  • PF: 1 μm micron filtration
  • SUB: 01 μm submicron filtration
  • ER: Electro-cooler to stimulate condensate by temperature lowering
    (Oil-free scroll compressors and lubricated piston compressors)
  • CHA: Active carbon filter for odours elimination
  • MC: Carbon Monoxide Filtration
  • PAR: 01 μm particles filtration
  • BAC: bacterial filtration
  • OX tube: Dryer tube with molecular sieve (SEC A / 1A / 2A)
  • HC tube: Dryer tube with molecular sieve – Patented system (SEC 7HC)

Medicinal and breathable air (in accordance with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia NF EN ISO 7396-1):

a) oxygen concentration: ≥ 20.4% (volume fraction) and ≤ 21.4% (volume fraction)
b) total oil concentration: ≤ 0.1 mg / m³ measured at ambient pressure
c) carbon monoxide concentration : ≤ 5 ml / m³
d) carbon dioxide concentration : ≤ 500 ml / m³
e) water vapor concentration : ≤ 67 ml / m³
f) concentration of sulfur dioxide : ≤ 1 ml / m³
g) concentration of NO + NO2: ≤ 2 ml / m³

MIL’S air handling systems meet these requirements perfectly and are very stable and reliable.
An air quality analysis is possible at MIL’S by an independent organization prior to shipping the equipment.
The company is also ISO 13485, 9001, 14001 certified.