Medical vacuum system

Medical Vacuum System

Since 1926, MIL’S, French manufacturer, with its’ experience in manufacturing vacuum pumps has benefited from its know-how specialized in the production of medical fluids on site including its medical vacuum systems.

Vacuum is not only a strategic fluid but also a sensitive fluid in healthcare activities.

In fact, unlike other medical fluids, there is no relief in the bottle to remedy the failure of the medical vacuum system. That’s why our priority for our medical vacuum systems is reliability. The medical vacuum system can be monitored at various points of the establishment with the various options installed on the medical vacuum system.

Our medical vacuum systems are developed to ensure the safety of patients and meet the requirements of the European directive 93/42.

Our medical vacuum systems are designed for different applications, the main ones are : neonatology, surgery, anesthesia, intensive care, resuscitation, etc …

The medical vacuum is produced by a medical vacuum system that consists of several elements:

  • several vac
  • uum pumps (3 sources minimum)
  • a storage tank that ensures regulation and ensures the continuity of vacuum supply despite consumption peaks
  • an electronic or electromechanical control and control system, which maintains the network starting pressure between -650 and -900 mbar relative
  • an antibacterial filtration intended to trap the bacterias and the various substances coming from the use and to protect the maintenance personnel.

Different technologies are used in the design of our medical vacuum systems: lubricated vane vacuum pumps, oil less claw vacuum pumps, oil less rotary vane vacuum pumps and oil less piston vacuum pumps. They are perfectly made to the production of medical vacuum on site, especially for its main assets: the level of vacuum and the ability to work on wet processes.

Our MINIVAC medical vacuum systems are self-contained and compact and can be equipped with up to three PS oil less piston vacuum pumps or ARICA oil less rotary vane vacuum pumps (from 1 x 6.4 to 3 x 25 m3 / h). These medical vacuum systems are ideal for small structures.

The medical vacuum systems HOSPIVAC V3 SIRELLA and HOSPIVAC G SIRELLA can be equipped with up to six SIRELLA oil less claw vacuum pumps. Several models of control PLCs allow remote monitoring. Alarm management is available for these systems in on-off configuration or in stable vacuum FLEXO. Depending on the number of pumps equipped, anti bacterial filtration is configured in parallel duplex.

Our range of HOSPIVAC EVISA medical vacuum systems can have several configurations : horizontal, vertical, modular or in cab to adapt to the space of your slab or your technical room:

  • Medical vacuum systems HOSPIVAC 2 and 3: 2 to 3 lubricated vane vacuum pumps on silentblocs mounted on a horizontal tank with a flow rate of 2 or 3 x 25m3 / h u
    p to 2 or 3 x 300 m3 / h.
  • The HOSPIVAC V3 medical vacuum systems: 3 lubricated vane vacuum pumps (from 25 to 300 m3 / h) on silentblocs mounted on an adapted chassis allowing an optimal space saving on the ground.
  • HOSPIVAC V4, V5 or V6 medical vacuum systems: 4 to 6 lubricated vane vacuum pumps on silentblocs mounted on a suitable chassis with a flow rate of 4 to 6 x 100m3 / h up to 4 to 6 x 300 m3 / h.
  • HOSPIVAC G medical vacuum units: 1 to 6 lubricated vane vacuum pumps on silentblocs mounted from 25 to 600 m3 / h on modular unit and customizable for installation for all types of technical area and access. Elevated assembly on retention vat available in option.
  • HOSPIVAC C medical vacuum systems: 3 lubricated vane vacuum pumps from 25 to 300 m3 / h implemented in the composite sandwich panel cabin for outdoor installation and perfectly adapted to climatic conditions. They exist in air-conditioned version.

The medical vacuum systems are installed in the technical area in a compact version or outside in a cabin or container version.  Vacuum is then distributed by a network that serves the entire healthcare facility.

All of our range answers to the ISO 7396-1 standard version 2016 and HTM 02-01 and is CE marked class IIA. The company is also ISO 13485 and 14001 certified.

Our range of medical vacuum systems also offers solutions for vacuum laboratory, anesthetic gases, and emergency cabinets.