Medical vacuum

Medical Vacuum

French manufacturer since 1926, MIL’S has been able to use its experience and know-how in the manufacture of vacuum pumps to design systems for the production of medical fluids on site, including medical vacuum.

The medical vacuum is a strategic and sensitive fluid in the health sector because there are no backup systems to overcome the failure of the centralized medical vacuum production system. In compliance with requirement 93/42, our vacuum units allow the continuous or on-demand supply of medical vacuum to ensure patient safety.

The operation of medical vacuum systems can be monitored at various points in the facility to monitor and track the distribution of medical vacuum by reporting key parameters and alarms. The use of control and regulation devices allows a good management of the production of medical vacuum.

Our medical vacuum systems are designed for different applications, the main ones being: neonatology, surgery, anesthesia, intensive care, resuscitation, etc …

Our range of medical vacuum systems uses different vacuum pump technologies to meet all your medical vacuum needs:

  • the medical vacuum plants for the different departments of the hospital such as neonatology, surgery, intensive care, resuscitation,
  • the dedicated medical vacuum for the laboratory
  • the medical vacuum for aspiration of anesthetic gases, SEGA
  • the medical vacuum in the emergency cabinets

Different technologies are used for the design of our medical vacuum systems : lubricated vane vacuum pumps, oil less claw vacuum pumps, oil less rotary vane vacuum pumps and oil less piston vacuum pumps as well as liquid ring vacuum pumps and side channel vacuum pumps KAV. They are perfectly suited to the production of medical vacuum on site, especially for its main assets: the level of vacuum and the ability to work on wet processes.

The medical vacuum plants are available in duplex, triplex and quadruplex versions.

Our range of medical vacuum plants for laboratories is adapted to participate in the development of medical and pharmaceutical research. There are several types of laboratories whose applications require medical vacuum systems to suck and resist aggressive products.

The medical vacuum also allows aspiration of anesthesia gases into operating rooms in order to protect medical staff by working in optimal conditions and avoiding dangerous side effects.

The ultimate backup systems are designed to ensure the supply of hospital services requiring medical fluids including medical vacuum in case of no work of the main power network to finish surgical operations in progress.

The medical vacuum units are installed in the technical rooms in compact version or outside in a cabin or container. The medical vacuum is then distributed by a network that serves the entire health facility.

Our entire range of medical vacuum units meets the ISO 7396-1 version 2016 and HTM 02-01 standard and is marked CE Class IIA Medical Device.

The company is also ISO 13485 and 14001 certified.