Oxygen generator

Oxygen Generator

Since 1926 and with its know-how since 1970 in the manufacture of adsorption air treatment systems, MIL’S has developed a complete process, from the air plant to the oxygen generator according to various processes (PSA and VPSA) as well as other indispensable accessories.

Requirements recall of pharmacopeia for oxygen :

  • nominal concentration of oxygen 93% ± 3% V/V
  • carbon monoxide concentration ≤ 5 ml/m3
  • carbon dioxide concentration ≤ 300 ml/m3
  • oil concentration ≤ 0,1 mg/m3
  • water vapor concentration ≤ 67 ml/m3
  • nitrous gases concentration NO/NO2 ≤ 2 ml/m3
  • sulfur dioxide concentration SO2 ≤ 1 ml/m3

Our medical oxygen generators PRO2XY uses PSA technology (Pressure Swing Adsorption : PSA) and allows the on-site oxygen production in line with the OXYGEN 93 pharmacopoeia. The PSA oxygen generators are powered by a compressed air station. The oxygen generators allow with the production on site the autonomy of the hospital in oxygen. They are often associated with emergency high pressure cylinders. Our oxygen generators generate a pressure of 5 bar for single stage network or 12 bar for a double stage network.

The PRO2XY 5 and 12 bar oxygen generators deliver oxygen continuously or on demand with a purity up to 96% at a flow rate of 4 to 35 Nm3 / h. These generators guarantee a constant oxygen production rate and oxygen level, whatever the consumption. A paramagnetic sensor with barometric compensator allows the measurement of oxygen. Optional monitoring modules can be optionally combined to monitor the CO / CO2 infrared, the hygrometry of the O2, the ambient O2 as well as the energy consumption of the oxygen generator.

The PSA oxygen generator is powered by an air plant with lubricated screw compressors, adsorption dryers and air treatment system.

To complete the oxygen generator installation and to increase the autonomy of the operating sites, we propose also a system for filling high pressure cylinders as backup source, configured in ramp or rack, with the method of vacuum cleaning.

Like all our other products, our oxygen generators PRO2XY have the CE class IIB mark and meet the ISO 7396-1 standard version 2016, the European pharmacopoeia OXYGEN 93 and the NF S95-175.

PRO2XY VAC oxygen generator uses VPSA technology (Vacuum Pressure Switch Adsorption).

The VPSA oxygen generators PRO2XY VAC 5 and 12 bar deliver oxygen continuously or on demand with up to 95% purity. The VPSA technology is used by MIL’S  for our generators of oxygens at the concentration of oxygen present in the air. This makes it possible to produce dry oxygen from 90% to 95% concentration continuously, the remainder of the product obtained being composed mainly of argon and nitrogen.

The PSA PRO2XY oxygen generators and the VPSA PRO2XY VAC oxygen generators can be used in cabin (composite) or in containers (metal) designed for outdoor installation. This equipment includes two compartments, one dedicated to the supply of air, the other to the production of oxygen.

These PRO2XY VAC oxygen generators comply with ISO 10083, the European pharmacopoeia OXYGEN 93 and NF S95-175.

The company is also certified ISO 13485, 9001, 14001.