Laboratories vacuum systems

There are several types of laboratories whose applications required vacuum systems to draw and resist to corrosive products. Our range of labs vacuum systems participate to the medical research development.


LABOVAC autonomous and compact vacuum systems are designed to laboratories application. They can be equipped up to two ANTIGUA liquid ring pumps. They can be fitted with a recycling water system and management of water supply system. A bacterial filtration can be add in option. The control of the system is done by electromechanical or electronic controller.

Consult the LABOVAC data sheet


CRYOLIS vacuum systems are designed for laboratories application such as distillation. They can be equipped up to two EVISA lubricated rotary vane pumps with protection with -60°C or -110°C cryogenic condenser. The condenser allows an effective protection of vacuum pumps with a high performance of ultimate vacuum level.

Consult the CRYOLIS data sheet