PSA oxygen generators

The PSA oxygen generators are powered by a compressed air station and allow on-site production, and thus the hospitals’ oxygen autonomy. They are often associated with emergency high pressure cylinders.


The PRO2XY 5 and 12 bar oxygen generators deliver oxygen continuously or on demand with a purity of up to 95% at a flow rate of 4 to 35 Nm3/h. These generators guarantee a constant production rate and a constant oxygen rate, whatever the consumption. The measurement of oxygen is done by paramagnetic sensor thermostatic with barometric compensator. Monitoring modules can be optionally combined to monitor the CO / CO2 infrared, the hygrometry of the O2, the ambient O2 as well as the energy consumption.

Consult the PRO2XY data sheet



The HOSPITAIR PACK S 11 bar and HOSPITAIR PACK G S 11 bar air units are equipped with a lubricated screw compressor to supply the oxygen generators. They are assembled with adsorption dryers and air treatment lines.

Consult the HOSPITAIR PACK S / PACK G S data sheet