Wishing to satisfy a high level of quality and safety for its products, MIL’S has committed on a voluntary certification approach on the Quality aspect, with the ISO 9001 and the ISO 13485, as well as on the Environment aspect, with the ISO 14001.

MIL’S is also Medical CE and Pressure Equipment Directive CE certified.

From design to production and shipment, MIL’S makes every effort to ensure perfect quality of its products.

MIL’S policy revolves around different terms :

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Anticipation of future customer needs
  • Post-market monitoring, with the support of our partners
  • Control of energies and resources for the production
  • Optimization of the energy consumption of our products and decrease of their discharges during their operation
  • Sorting and recovery of waste
  • Compliance with regulations and anticipation of normative and regulatory evolutions
  • Staff awareness of their role and impact on the Quality and Environment areas