Manufacturer since 1926, with its experience MIL’S has developed, a strong culture of after-sales service, about vacuum pumps, industrial and medical vacuum systems, air systems and oxygen generators.


In order to provide you a complete control of the equipment in your possession, we leave you the free choice to compose your theory and practice training program, according to many modules. You will be welcome in our certified training center.

Training indicators


Installation and startup

During the acquisition of your material, MIL’S offers you to install and to commission it. You will benefit from an installation carried out by a professional who will train you on its use.



Maintenance solutions

As a manufacturer, MIL’S offers you the warranty of geniune spare parts.

Our after-sales department can go on site, upon request or with maintenance contract and thus offer you a personalized maintenance of your equipments.
Moreover, we have certified maintenance centers all over the world.
MIL’S attaches a great importance to product quality, the monitoring and the maintenance of its equipment. Therefore, the spare parts are guaranteed from the original manufacturer.
The maintenance kits are packaged and priced to respond quickly to unexpected or planned requests. We have, detailed maintenance plans for every equipment, at your disposal.
Commissioning on-site : our after sales technicians are able to go on-site, all over the world start-up your system and to train the operators to maintenance.


Warranty and extension

MIL’S guarantees the equipment on all sites. It’s 12 months after commissioning, 18 months maximum after shipment.
It’s possible to obtain on request an extension of the warranty period.