Vacuum pump for health and industry

Vacuum Pumps

A vacuum pump is a type of pump used to evacuate, that is to say extract air or other gas contained in a closed chamber, in order to reduce the pressure.

MIL’S vacuum pumps are perfect for all your needs and applications.

MIL’S, the last French manufacturer, offers you different technologies of single-stage vacuum pumps : lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, oil less claw vacuum pumps, oil less piston vacuum pumps, oil less rotary vane vacuum pumps and side channel vacuum pumps (liquid rings).

Our different technologies can meet your expectations for all the applications where you need vacuum : for industry such as metallurgy, packaging, environment engineering, food and beverage industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, composites, plastics, coating and also for healthcare : medical vacuum, laboratory vacuum, suction of anesthetic gases and emergency cabinets.

Our lubricated vane vacuum pumps EVISA are designed to be used for all industrial applications and have been developed with the latest technological advances in eco-design for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. They can been used continuously, from atmospheric pressure to maximum vacuum . Thanks to their many accessories, the water vapor pumping capacity is increased. They are very silent and extremely robust. The lubricated vane vacuum pumps EVISA are also available in ATEX and Oxygen versions.

We also manufacture booster couplings ROOTS / lubricated vane vacuum pumps EVISA. These combined pumping units make it possible to increase the pumping speed as well as the final vacuum (with an assembly with or without bypass). Its advantages : energy performance and increased production rates. A wide range of accessories optimizes your installation

Our single-stage vacuum pumps ROTOMIL’S are also lubricated vane vacuum pumps with a end vacuum of 2 mbar. Their pumping speed are high and stable. Their size and sound level are optimized for any application

The vacuum pump SIRELLA are oil less claw vacuum pumps which compressed without lubrication and without contact. With a continuous limit vacuum of 50 to 200 mbar (depending on the model) and their air cooling gives it a very good performance. Another major advantage is their low operating cost due to the absence of wear parts and the reduced maintenance.

The vacuum pump ARICA are also oil less rotary vane vacuum pumps. Very compact, they can operate continuously, from atmospheric pressure to maximum vacuum. They are recommended for applications in a non-humid environment.

The single stage vacuum pump PS are oil less piston vacuum pumps that can be used in many dry and wet applications. They are recommended if the noise level is a priority because they are very quiet.

The side channel vacuum pump KAV are single-stage or two-stage vacuum pumps. They run without oil.

They are perfect if the most important in your application is the flow rate than the vacuum level. Horizontal or vertical axis mounting and high efficiency are suitable for air, or non-explosive and non-harmful gas mixtures.

KAV vacuum pumps are also available in ATEX version.

The vacuum pumps ANTIGUA are liquid ring vacuum pumps. They run with a water ring which sucks the dust and the liquid. Air and water are separated at the discharge. Low water consumption thanks to partial recycling.