Vacuum system

Vacuum System

Specialized in the design and manufacture of vacuum systems, MIL’S has become a major player in the industrial vacuum sector but also in the medical vacuum sector.

Manufacturer of vacuum pumps since 1926, the company has used its’ know-how to design industrial vacuum systems for many applications such as transport, food processing, metallurgy, thermoforming, packaging, composites, extractions of fluids and lubricants but also vacuum systems for healthcare as well as vacuum systems for laboratories, anesthetic gas and emergency cabinets.

Our vacuum systems allow central vacuum production from 1 to 6 x 600 m3 / h.

The various technologies of vacuum pumps (dry and lubricated vane pumps, nozzle pumps, blowers …) can be installed in our vacuum systems according to your application.

Our vacuum systems consist of one or more vacuum pumps, a tank (from 70 litters to 2000 litters) depending on the flow. Several models of control PLC allow autonomous management as well as remote monitoring. Alarm management is available for these systems in on-off configuration or in stable vacuum FLEXO. Depending on the models and applications, antibacterial filtration can be installed on our vacuum systems.

Wether in the industrial sector or in the healthcare sector, the performance requirements for vacuum systems are increasing. Thanks to their reliability and robustness, MIL’S manufactured and designed vacuum systems are recognized throughout the world. Our team of engineers from our R&D department is constantly improving our vacuum systems and constantly innovating with equipment having energy efficiency as one of our main areas of interest.

All our vacuum systems are designed for simplified on-site maintenance. As a manufacturer, our spare parts are of manufacturer origin. To give you complete control of your vacuum system, we offer theoretical and practical training in our approved training center.

When acquiring your vacuum system, MIL’S offers to install and commission it. You will benefit from an installation performed by a professional who will train you on its use. In addition, our After-Sales Service can intervene on site (contract or on demand) all over France as well as all over the world thanks to our numerous approved maintenance centers. You can also return your equipment to MIL’S where our repair service can carry out maintenance or repair. During the production shutdown of your vacuum system during maintenance, we can rent equivalent equipment to not penalize your production.