Medical air, hospital air

Medical Air

Our company MIL’S, French manufacturer, designs and develops plants to manufacture medical air since 1970. We design our medical-air plants using air compressor, air treatment systems and accessories for medical air.

Eco-designed and marketed in compact or modular version, our medical air systems are available in several versions. They can be installed in a technical room or outside in a cabin or container.

The medical air must respect a strict quality level, it is framed by the European regulation (pharmacopoeia)

Medical air must meet the following pharmacopoeia requirements:

  • H20: 67 ppm
  • CO: 5 ppm
  • CO2: 500 ppm
  • SO2: 1 ppm
  • NO – NO2: 2 ppm
  • Oil: 0.1 mg / m3
  • Oxygen: 20.4% ≤ O2 ≤ 21.4%

The medical air is produced from the ambient air, it is compressed and purified to be distributed in the centralized network which feeds the two pressure levels: a pressure level at 4 bar called “medical air” and a level of pressure at 7 bar says “instrumental air”.

We produce our medical air plants under the HOSPITAIR range with two types of technologies: oil less or lubricated. They are equipped with either one or two piston air compressors, or lubricated screw compressor (s) (10, 11 or 15 bar), or scroll air compressors with one or more tanks. The SEC 7HC adsorption dryer equips the air treatment system. The air compressors are controlled by an electronic controller equipped with a humidity sensor.

  • Medical air systems HOSPITAIR SCROLAIR: Different possible configurations (mounted on tanks, on chassis, compact …) with oil less scroll compressors with a flow rate of 12.6 m3 / h up to 234.4 m3 / h .
  • Medical air systems HOSPITAIR : composed of one to three lubricated piston air compressors or screw-lubricated compressors (from 1 x 11 m3 / h up to 3 x 411 m3 / h) with a configuration suitable for your needs
  • Medical air systems HOSPITAIR HYPERBARE: specific medical air plant for hyperbaria complete our on-site production offer.

Each medical air plant is equipped with a SEC 7HC adsorption dryer for its air treatment system. Several electronic boards can control the medical air system.

The AIRMIL’S range is used to supply technical air installations for the other hospital’s needs.

We recall that the ISO 7396-1 standard requires the separation of the medical air and technical air networks. This last standard also recommends the use of oil-free compressors.

An air quality analysis is possible at MIL’S by an independent organization before to shipping the equipment.

The company is also ISO 13485, 9001, 14001 certified.